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Winters team cross the finish line together at Runamuck 2020

Runamuck Challenge 2020

Our group travelled up from Galway the morning of the event in our team t-shirts and headbands. We made our way up to the warm-up area where we jumped around for a few minutes to psyche ourselves up for the challenge that lay ahead of us! Then we were ready to go. 

We stuck to the game plan and kept in a group which was a good thing as the obstacles we encountered were anything but easy! The race was well planned out, great fun but still demanding in terms of strength and endurance. 

We tackled all the obstacles as a team, helping our colleagues over and under, through water and mud pits, encouraging them while also trying not to laugh at others falling!

The best thing was the camaraderie, you knew everyone was there to support you and give you a leg up if needed.  The more obstacles we completed, the more fun we were all having and the faster we were getting through them, surprisingly!

Our team completed the challenge together and what a feeling it was. 


Managing director, Enda Mc Guane commented that “It was so inspiring to see how our team came together in new ways on the day of the Runamuck challenge. We all crossed the finish line together. We arrived as colleagues but left as a team”. 

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