Winters Staff take on Runamuck Challenge 2020

Runamuck Challenge 2020

It’s January and 23 members of our staff are motivated for the year ahead having signed up for the Runamuck challenge on March 7th 2020 in County Kildare. Runamuck Challenge is a cross country obstacle “run” event over a mucky course designed to test your mental & physical strength and leave you with a big grin on your face.

It’s common knowledge that exercise increases energy levels and enhances your mood so it’s great that our team are getting involved and are willing to try new things. As Runamuck is all about overcoming new obstacles and challenges this will be extremely useful in the workplace as we are faced with challenges each day, looking at them as opportunities to grow and improve. We are committed to this challenge and crossing finish lines.

Wellness at Winters

Here at Winters, staff wellness in particular nutrition, physical and mental well-being is something we treat with the utmost of importance. Under a wellness initiative, employee health and safety is our priority which helps to improve our team relationships and attitude to teamwork. As Runamuck is highly focused on teamwork, communication and cooperation when overcoming obstacles this was the perfect test for us to aim towards in the early stages of this year. We will all start and finish together in one group and already the office is buzzing with excitement and training plans and fitness strategies are underway.

Everyone is making a huge effort in preparation by going to the gym on their lunch breaks and after work, doing Couch to 5k challenges, going to fitness classes and eating healthy. We are really looking forward to this teamwork-driven, obstacle-crammed event and other challenges throughout 2020.

Follow our progress over the next few weeks on our Facebook page here.