12 May 2021: Due to a regional technical fault our systems are currently down including our phonelines, please forward any queries onto info@winterspm.com.
We are working hard to have this resolved as soon as possible and we apologise for any inconvenience caused


Winters Property Hosts Information Evening

The award-winning team at Winters Property Management invite you to a free, landlord information evening at the Menlo Park Hotel on Monday, 23rd of October. The evening will include networking and a discussion to include expert information covering legislation and regulations, tips for investors and relevant financial advice. Whether you are an existing landlord or are considering investing in a rental property as part of your pension, this evening will provide you with important advice to help maximise your return on investment.

Enda McGuane, Managing Director, Winters Property outlines the importance of this evening for both new and existing landlords. “The purpose of this evening is to inform existing landlords and those considering becoming landlords, about the best way to manage their investments and to advise them also on the best approach to managing their rental property tax. Given that this years budget contained no relief for private landlords it’s more important than ever to avail of the reliefs currently available”

Ian Hutchinson, Senior Sales Agent with Winters will provide an overview of the current property market in Galway and cover key considerations for buyers when purchasing property to rent. Winters letting experts, Deirdre Greaney and Jane Fletcher Cahill, will share vital information on new housing regulations and discuss the current and future impact of Galway’s ‘Rent Pressure Zone’ on rents in the city.

Also on the evening, you can find out how to use your pension in order to buy property and to manage your rental income tax efficiently, with advice from Colm Murphy of Grant Thornton.

The evening runs from 6.30pm – 8.30pm. If you are interested in attending, RSVP by 22nd of October to info@winterspm.com

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