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Things to do while isolating with Children throughout COVID-19 

It’s a difficult time for everyone, with the Covid-19 outbreak bringing severe and unexpected changes to our lives, along with new concepts like ‘social distancing’ and ‘cocooning’. By now for some children, the novelty of not having school may have worn away and children are missing seeing their friends and daily routine. We understand that working and supervising children during a pandemic has the potential to create stress and family conflict.  

That’s why we decided to put together a list of activities that can be easily done at home to keep children stimulated and entertained. Experts say that the best route forward is to maintain some semblance of structure.


Build a fort

All you need is some pillows, a duvet and 2 chairs!
A great idea for a rainy day especially, pop on a movie and the children will love the novelty of watching from their fort.


Hold your own sports day

This is a great activity for the whole family to burn up some energy.
All you will need is some eggs, spoons and some pillowcases/ refuse sacks for doing sack races and don’t forget the three-legged race.


Build an obstacle course

Indoors or outdoors depending on space. Incorporate items such as a slide, pull on the ladder and lay it flat on the grass etc. Time the children to see how fast they can run the course. It’s a guaranteed energy burner with lots of laughs.


Play Simon Says

An oldie but a classic game that can be lots of fun.


Plan a scavenger hunt

Another good one that can be played indoors or outdoors. Grab some items and hide them throughout the house/ garden. Set a timer ex. 5 minutes and challenge the children to find all the items within that time to win the hunt.


Paint some pasta

Make some necklaces and bracelets out of pasta, despite its demand currently.
All you need is some pasta shells, string and paint.


Do A life-size drawing

Stick some A4 sheets together and trace the outline of your child. Guaranteed fun for a few hours!


Rock Painting

Collect some rocks wash them and have the children paint some nice patterns. They can be left outdoors afterwards or in flowerbeds to add some decoration.


Box Road

Flatten a cardboard box and using tape and markers create a mini-city with roads buildings etc. Its great fun for boys with there toy cars and Lego men.


Have a dance party

 Some great hits for children with easy to follow moves are Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper, the macarena, Follow the leader by The Soca Boys and of course not forgetting Baby Shark.



Reading is so important for children to stimulate their imagination and curiosity. Having reading time each day is also a good way of adding some structure to the day and reducing screen time and relaxing the children.


Create a time capsule

These uncertain times we are going through will not easily be forgotten. So why not document it with your children. This would be a good way of explaining to your child the current situation both creative and informative.

Find an old show box, write some notes about how you filled your day, what’s happening around the world,  some paintings/drawings you created while on lockdown etc You could bury it in the garden or store it away to look back on when we are all out the other side and in years to come.

We would love to see what you got up to at home and maybe you might have some other ideas that will be helpful to other people.

Please send your suggestions through on our Winters Facebook page here and we will include them in this article.

Thanks for reading.