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5 Top Tips for new college students

It’s that time of year again when everyone is going back to school and college or transitioning from one to the other which can seem an increasingly stressful and daunting time for some. What better time to take the plunge and move onto the next chapter than by living independently as the longer you leave it the more intimidating it can become not to mention the annual scramble for student acc...
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Advice to Parents of Students Facing Accommodation Crisis

Advice to Parents of Students Facing Accommodation Crisis Managing Director of Winters Property, Enda McGuane, has previously described the accommodation crisis facing students as a ‘Perfect Storm’ in which many factors contribute to an overwhelming shortage for tens of thousands each September. 2017 has arrived and the situation has not improved. If anything, it has gotten more challenging. ...
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NUI Galway Launch Appeal for Student Accommodation

NUI Galway have issued a student housing appeal for the 2017/18 academic year. The University is partnering with Winters Property in an effort to tackle the housing crisis facing thousands of students this September. NUI Galway and Winters Property are committed to ensuring a positive experience for both the householder and the student. Galway homeowners are asked to consider renting a room in ...
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