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The timber fencing between my house and the neighbours has completely broken down. Who is responsible?

The following piece is a query which was sent to Winters Property Management Galway which Peter Nicklin, Senior Property Manager was asked to respond too. Winters  Property Management has over twenty years experience in the management of residential and commercial property. All our property managers are licensed by the Property Regulator and as a business, we are members of both the Socie...
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Exclusive Insights into Commercial Rates 2019

The 4th of November 2019 was a very important date for the majority of businesses in the West of Ireland as it signalled the start of a revaluation of all commercial properties in the region. The last time this exercise was conducted was 1988. It will involve a complete recalculation of the rates valuation of every commercial property. It’s important for all business owners that they understand an...
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