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Staff Spotlight: Martin Scanlon

Martin Scanlon has 27 years of experience working at Winters Property Management. His current title is Senior Field Support. 

We asked Martin to answer the following in short:

What is your role?

My role is the supervisor of cleaning & maintenance along with customer relations & client liaison. I also keep everyone’s spirits in the office up.


Give insight into a typical day’s work?

I pop into the office first thing after I get my morning coffee in Coco café. That is where the days’ similarity ends as no two days of mine are ever the same. The phone is going and I’m around the city checking various works and snag lists and checking in with the clients.


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I served for the Irish Army and I served three trips abroad in South Lebanon.


What is on your Wishlist?

I’m 65, all I wish for now is to live the rest of my life and years in health and happiness with all my family around me.


What is your proudest moment professional or personal?

My biggest personal achievement is my family and my grandchildren.


Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why?

I have to say Israel, it has beautiful weather the beaches are amazing, and the people are very nice there.


If you could see any historical event, what would you want to see?

 I would love to have seen Nelson Mandela released from prison.


What is your favourite childhood memory?

Many happy memories making the hay on a lovely summer’s day followed by a family picnic after a hard day’s work.


Where would you like to go on your dream holiday?

I’d love to go to Australia and go into the outback with a full tank of fuel.

What changes have you seen during your time with Winters?

More people more technology and such growth and expansion and professionalism in my 27 years working with Winters now here’s to the next 27 years.

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