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Valuation & Mediation

Our valuations derive from years of experience in the property market.

The valuations we provide derive from years of experience in the property market.

Property Tax

The recently introduced property tax has brought into focus the whole area of property valuations. Many people have contacted us indicating that they don’t agree with the Revenue’s valuation of their property. If you don’t agree with the Revenue’s valuation, you can submit your own valuation and the rationale behind it, such as state of repair and other factors. If Revenue still insists on their valuation, you must pay it but you can appeal. However, you will be required to sign and submit a legal declaration when you return your documentation.

There are a number of sources you can use to find information that will help you “self-value” your property:

  1. Click here to access the Revenue’s official site, with comprehensive guides to the property tax.
  2. Daft also has a property tax calculator. This is a very rough estimate based on the location, number of bedrooms, etc. Click on the following link to access the Daft Property Calculator.
  3. The PSRA website also allows you to see what properties in your estate/area have been sold in the last 2 years and the price they were sold for; this will help you get a better understanding of current market prices. You can access their website here.

If you require a written valuation to be carried out on your behalf, we have an in-house team who can help with this. Our valuers are fully qualified, some with more than 8 years experience in the Galway market. All of our valuation team members hold individual PSRA licences, a requirement of the property regulator.

We provide two types of valuation:

A drive-by valuation (no access to the property required) – this is adequate for valuing properties for the purpose of the property tax.


A fully comprehensive valuation (access to the property required) – this is more appropriate if you are planning to sell.

Why do we charge for this service?

Any valuation we provide is based on our professional opinion of the value of the property, based on standard industry criteria and years of experience in the property market. We provide a written report which can then be used by the client in their dealings with the Revenue. We are required to have Professional Indemnity insurance in place to specifically cover valuations.

If you require further assistance please contact us here

We have a team of industry experienced and Mediation Institute of Ireland (MII) certified mediators.

We have a team of industry experienced and Mediation Institute of Ireland (MII) certified mediators

PSRA legislation

While the PSRA legislation has many other implications including the introduction of a compensation fund for Owner Management Companies (OMC), one very important change sees the mandatory introduction of written and signed letters of engagement between OMCs and Managing Agents. This letter lays out specific standards that we, the Managing Agent, must perform to. It also clearly outlines a dispute resolution process in the event that the OMC is unhappy with the service provided.

Here at Winters Property Management, we have a team of industry experienced and Mediation Institute of Ireland (MII) certified mediators who can provide this service for OMC directors. We also provide this service to owners and tenants.

Mediation Process

The mediation process provides a confidential and neutral environment for all parties to air their issues and concerns with the other party at first hand and to hear complaints that are being made against them. Mediation is confidential to the parties and the mediator and can only be shared with a third party with the express permission of all parties, except where natural disclosure would occur. The parties and the mediator agree to the terms of the mediation at the outset and the intervention culminates in a signed written agreement.