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Let and Manage Services

Our popular Let and Manage Service is the best choice for landlords who do not want to be on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but instead want a professional letting agency with comprehensive knowledge of Landlord/Tenant legislation to deal directly with tenants on their behalf.


(a) The letting part of this service is exactly the same as our Let Only Service with the exception of point (h) where the Standing Order will operate between your tenant’s bank account and our bonded client bank account.

The managed elements of this package consists of;

(b) Dealing directly with tenants on your behalf.

(c) Providing a 24-hour on-call facility for tenants in the event of an emergency.

(d) Financial management of your letting, which includes issuing a monthly statement detailing income and any deductions. Monitoring that rents are paid on time and following up on any late rent payments in accordance with legislation.

(e) Resolution of maintenance problems as they arise, consulting with you on any major items.

(f) Carrying out periodical inspections to ensure that tenants are taking good care of your property.

(g) Conducting a final book out and inspection of your property following the departure of your tenants, including the administration and refund of your tenant’s security deposit, which will be held in our client account for the duration of the tenancy.