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LEAN Green Belt Training

We at Winters commenced our LEAN journey last year with the training of our Yellow Belts, we are now continuing this journey with LEAN Green Belt training of eight staff.

Georgina Browne FD commented “Our yellow belt programme has been of great benefit to both the organisation & our people, we are developing a LEAN culture in everything we do in Winters.

We have had many successful projects over the past year, including the automation of our meter reading process. We believe this has improved the customer experience and brought efficiencies to our operations.  

Continuous improvement & employee up-skilling are key drivers of success for Winters, the LEAN Green belt training will further our operational capabilities and give our staff a recognised qualification in the LEAN space. The need for agility and adaptability has been made clear in the current COVID 19 environment, this training will provide the Winters staff with the skills needed to thrive in uncertain times. We are looking forward to the participant’s project ideas and delivery.

This training would not be possible without the financial support of Aidan Kelly from ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet, who recognised the value in supporting a LEAN Green Belt training programme in the service industry and Barry O’Brien of Leading Edge Group who is providing the training.