Hot Weather Leads to Leaks

Normally you would expect to see water ingress and leaks as an issue during the wintertime. However, after the last weeks unusually warm weather we often see leaks occurring. Heat in itself can degrade the interior and exterior of houses. It causes wood to expand and buckle, which disfigures hardwood flooring and other wooden home goods. In fact, even the humidity that goes along with hot weather is often harmful. Pipes and a home’s foundation can go through trouble because high temperatures alter the ground where they sit. The ground can contract, which shifts the underground system. Also, plumbing can become more brittle as the sun beats down on it.

This can lead toĀ a myriad of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Increased demand for water puts a strain on the system which could lead to a breakdown.
  • High heat can also cause olderĀ rustedĀ pipes to shift, potentially leading to breakageĀ and leakage.
  • Additionally, water aimed at the house can lead to basement leaks. Check your lawn sprinklers and adjust them away from your home.
  • Check gutters to make sure they are connected correctly and downspouts lead way from the home, allowing water to run off the lawn and not down the side of the home.
  • If you have air conditioning units, check forĀ dripping water that may be hitting your floors. Readjust the drainage pipes to aim outside and make sure the drain lines are clear.

Based on the current weather forecast we would ask all homeowners and occupants to be vigilant for leaks over the next week.

If you spot a leak on public property i.e a road or an area not part of your management company you should contact Irish Water via the link.

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