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Guidance for OMCs and Owner Occupier/ Tenant

At WPM we pride ourselves on setting best practise and redefining industry standards.

The Housing Agency in conjunction with the Society of Chartered Surveyors and IPAV have issued their formal guidance for Owner Management Companies on operating as we move through the COVID19 crisis.

Our MD, Enda Mc Guane and our Head of Property Management, Noel Daly were to the forefront of the development of these standards. This has been confirmed as the official guidance in relation to COVID-19 in multi-unit developments and support and advise all stakeholders such as owner management companies, managing agents and as a tenant.

The points are easy to follow and are fully taking the guidelines set out by our government in best practises at this time.

Owner/Tenant Guidance

  • Services will be provided in compliance with Govt and HSE guidelines, as these are relaxed normal services will resume.
  • Additional services beyond the scope of the budget may be provided if approved by the OMC Directors.
  • Be proactive about your own health and comply with all HSE and Govt guidance regarding hygiene and handwashing and clean as you go policies.
  • Please observe social distancing at all times as you move through the common areas of the building and the site.
  • If your Managing Agent provides an online portal or communication system please avail of it for all communications.
  • When using common areas such as communal rubbish stores please ensure that you take care to avoid creating excess cleaning work. Your OMC would prefer to focus on Covid-19 related cleaning.
  • This is a challenging time for everyone due to the enforced confinement, please respect your neighbours and the OMC house rules when it comes to noise.
  • The physical distancing of two metres or six feet between individuals should be exercised among individuals within a building, including between visitors’ staff and occupants.
  • Please limit your visitors to only essential visitors, like home care workers, healthcare workers, and emergency maintenance.
  • Building occupants should follow the building’s standard protocols if there is a fire alarm, and fire safety should not be compromised. Fire and building codes should continue to be followed, and fire doors should not be propped open.
  • Building occupants to try to practice physical distancing and maintain at least 2 metres distance from each other as they congregate at fire points.