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Estate & Facility Management

We don’t just have one person managing your property, but an entire team!

We don’t just have one person managing your property, but an entire team!

Estate & Facility Management

Trust our experienced team of licensed professionals to expertly manage your commercial or residential estate.

Here at Winters Property Management, we don’t just have one person managing your property but an entire team of people! We have managed hundreds of estates on behalf of owners’ management companies. Our highly skilled team ensures your estate’s financial, legal and insurance obligations are being effectively managed on your behalf.

Your designated property manager will take the lead and act as the main contact person. However, your property will also benefit from a designated Credit Controller, Field Service Agent, Administrator, Finance Prime, and Operations Director. Our team’s expertise forms a protective circle around your estate.

Property Management Agent functions and services

General Services

General Services: These services are managed by your designated property manager, support administrator and our field support team.

  • Common area cleaning
  • Common area electricity charges 
  • Garden and ground maintenance (where applicable)
  • Block insurance
  • Lift insurance and maintenance fees (if applicable)
  • Window and chimney fees (if applicable)
  • Waste removal
  • Routine site inspections by management personnel
  • Attend to telephone enquiries and written correspondence from owners and residents
Financial Services

Financial Services: These services are managed by your dedicated property manager, finance prime, credit control team and the company financial director.

  • Provision of a Reserve Sinking Fund to allow for budgeting for any major capital expenditure items
  • Apportion and collect service charges from the owners
  • Deal with the Inspector of Taxes and Collector General on tax matters
  • Bookkeeping, accounting, maintaining bank accounts and reconciling statements
  • Prepare financial reports for management meetings
  • Liaise with the management company’s auditors and issue audit reports and financial statements
  • Members have access to their accounts online

Professional Services

Professional Services: These services are managed by your dedicated property manager, administration support, company financial director and company managing director.

  • Auditor’s fees
  • Secretarial fees
  • Advise on block insurance matters and handle common area insurance claims
  • Liaise with the management company’s legal adviser and other professional advisers as necessary
  • Attend board meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Advise the board of directors and/or committee generally in relation to the provisions of the lease agreements and management covenants
  • Issue information and advice to the new owners – obtain contact addresses
  • Deal with breaches of house rules
  • Obtain quotations and proposals from qualified contractors, as necessary
  • Check, approve and pay creditors’ invoices
  • Arrange and supervise routine common area repairs and maintenance contracts
  • Project management






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