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Enda McGuane Speaks Live About Retrofitting Residential Buildings to Fire Safety Standards 2020

Live Virtual Event 

Retrofitting Ireland’s Housing Stock for Fire Safety 2020

Enda McGuane, managing director of Winters Property Management, is speaking at CMG’s live virtual event on Wednesday, November 4th about retrofitting residential buildings to fire safety standards 2020.

Enda is a highly experienced senior manager and property professional with over 20 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors.

He is a dual-status Chartered Surveyor in the areas of planning & development and property management, as well as a RICS registered Red Book valuer. Enda is currently Chairman of the Western Region Committee of SCSI and sits on the National Planning and Development Committee. He is a board member of Galway City Chamber of Commerce and a member of its Infrastructure Strategy committee and is a frequent commentator on housing issues in the media. Enda will present on the following:

Overview of applicable fire regulations – apartments and car parks

It is well documented that many residential and multi-occupancy developments around Ireland still do not comply with all fire safety regulations. Equally, thousands of developments are in need of retrofitting to bring them up to the required standard. Enda offers the most up-to-date information on the current state of Ireland’s housing stock in regard to car park and apartment block fire safety, and discusses the changes that are needed. He will also suggest methods and forward-thinking solutions. 

Review of the operational impact of dual/multi-purpose sites: 

    • Layout – Apartments over Car Park or on Side of Car Park
    • Ventilation Systems
    • Fire System

External funding options and insurance cover

Enda will cover regulatory developments and other important legal issues, such as identifying responsibility for fire safety remedial works. He will draw on his wealth of experience on a multitude of projects to explore how to identify and address key issues, financing options for fire safety retrofits, and much more. 

This one-day conference will highlight the current state of Ireland’s housing stock in terms of fire safety, and will discuss potential solutions. 

At Winters, we offer support for a detailed review of building defects in Ireland to establish the scale and potential costs of rectifying issues. The Department of Housing has set up a working group, which is greatly welcomed. We support this process wholeheartedly, having seen the direct impact these issues have on homeowners.