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Case Study: Croit na Mara Floods

When The Unthinkable Happens...

The Problem

Storm & Sea High-Tide Flood and Water Damage

During the night of the 3rd January 2014, due to further extreme weather conditions and a combination of high tides and winds from the South East the entire Salthill Promenade & surrounding coast, suffered from extensive flooding. The Croit na Mara complex was one of the worst affected properties on the Salthill promenade. In a 10 minute period, the underground car park which is 13ft deep was flooded completely. This caused irreparable damage to the communal services and utilities housed in this area including two of the complexes three passenger lifts.

Equipment Effected

Fire Alarm
Water Tanks
Smoke Ventilation System
25 ESB Meters
Main Electrical Boards
Elevator Systems

Immediate Action Taken by Winters Property Management

In the immediate aftermath WPM facilitated an emergency action meeting with Residents and assisted with co-ordinating temporary accommodation in local hotels as well as facilitating communications with the insurers. On site security was arranged to protect the asset & the residentʼs properties & possessions.

Winters Property Management were appointed as project managers to find a permanent solution.

Winters Property Management Engaged

ESB Networks
Fire Department
Quantity Surveyors

Solution Found

A new ground level plant room to be built

In conjunction with WPM, costings were determined and a proposal produced to relocate the services to the Court Yard area of the development in a new purpose built plant room. WPM and the Engineers consulted with the planning office to identify the likely outcome of a retention planning application and a positive view as given subject to certain conditions being met.

Deadline set at 17th March.

Works Undertaken

Over the next 6 weeks a new communal plant room was constructed. Services for the communal water tanks & the individual ESB meters including the landlord ESB meter were relocated and were housed in the plant room. Other facilities services that were re-instated for the complex following the flooding included: new access control system, repair works to the Fire Alarm System & relocation of the Smoke Ventilation System into the ground floor lobby area, repairs to passenger lifts. The project required very tight management of contractor time-frames as well a continuing liaison with planning and fire authorities to ensure all appropriate certification was achieved.


In summary an extreme event which caused huge damage and threatened the future of the entire complex has been turned into an opportunity to innovatively improve the buildings infrastructure, address concerns about the buildings environment and deliver long term operational savings.

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