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Asset Management

We utilise all our team’s experience and expertise to maintain and enhance the value of your asset.

We utilise all our team’s experience and expertise to maintain and enhance the value of your asset.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

As asset managers, we have a significant portfolio of land and properties nationwide. In the current economic climate, immediate disposal is not necessarily the most advantageous solution.

We utilise all our team’s experience and expertise to maintain and enhance the value of your asset. We focus on controlling outgoings, maximising returns and ensuring an appropriate maintenance programme is in place in order to assure the asset’s future value, leading to financially successful sales. This strategy is based on our team’s expertise in the key areas set out below.

Property Managers

We have considerable experience of managing properties/portfolios at various stages of construction as well as after completion. We are able to use this experience to profile properties and develop individual asset management strategies.

Finance Team

We have an extensive background in managing the finances of commercial and residential property portfolios as well as in financial planning and strategic asset management.

Credit Control Team 

Our specialist experience in managing distressed portfolios with high arrears enables us to deliver cost-effective and practical debt collection solutions.

As the biggest Property Services provider in the West of Ireland, fully licensed by the PSRA, we can proactively manage your assets and respond quickly to any change, whether market, economy or client driven. Winters Property Management asset management and insolvency services focus on the following areas:

1. Asset Management

We focus on maximising returns and maintaining your asset to ensure its long-term value and capital appreciation. We do this by providing the following services:

  • Property Management 
    We grow rental income and ensure the security of that income through our tenant selection and management procedures, accompanied by detailed and timely reporting to you.
  • Asset Disposal Strategy 
    We develop an individual approach for each asset, based on likely outcomes for the short, medium and long terms; we then propose the best course of action to you before implementation.
  • Lease Tracking
    We collect lease information on all properties, notify you of critical dates and proactively manage related issues.
  • Financial Planning and Management
    We analyse current market conditions and provide guidance regarding future trends. We produce detailed income and cash-flow projections with supporting analysis, transaction recording and a full audit trail, complying with the NPSRA and Companies Acts.
  • Rent Management
    We report to you monthly, outlining rents received and detailing any agreed deductions such as fees, repairs etc.
  • Void Management
    We reduce rent loss and voids by driving occupancies through our letting arm, accompanied by management and targeted marketing of vacant units.

2. Fixed Charge Receivership

We analyse and assess asset portfolios as presented: this includes site visits as well as detailed document analysis. We then prepare detailed and practical business plans and implement them for you. Our core objective is to proactively manage all assets in a portfolio, maximising returns by growing their rental value while simultaneously implementing a strategy for the asset’s potential disposal or ongoing management.

In simple terms, we first take possession of the property (or portfolio of properties) along with its available associated documentation and secure the asset(s). The next phase involves the examination of title and supporting documentation while ensuring that insurance is appropriate and adequate. We also, as required, undertake a legal review to include planning, judgments and any other encumbrances. Lastly, we move on to the management of the property and income maximisation.

3. Revenue Assessment

We provide this service to financial institutions who want to be sure that they are achieving maximum returns from assets under their control. Our team of industry experts provides reports on the effectiveness of existing procedures, highlighting any areas where rent slippage may be an issue, and determines whether yields are maximised based on current market conditions. Some of the elements involved in this process are:

  • An analysis of the accuracy of projected asset income and cash flows.
  • An assessment of rent collections’ relationship to projected cash-flow and current market rates.
  • A review of void provisions and void management procedures.
  • An impartial review of rents.
  • A review of all expenditure deductions and outgoings, benchmarked against industry norms.
  • An assessment of compliance with legal landlord obligations.

4. Distressed Property Advice and Recovery Solutions for Multi-Unit Developments and their Owner Management Companies.

We have considerable experience in acting as the managing agents for Owner Management Companies (OMCs) of multi-unit and mixed-use developments; more recently this has expanded to include acting for receivers of these developments.

Our team has experience in dealing with the issues arising from unfinished buildings, insolvent or struck off management companies or uncompleted common area transfers. This includes situations where the original developer and documentation are no longer available to them.

We provide specialist independent advice on the Multi-Unit Developments (MUD) Act 2011 to both receivers and Boards of Directors. The objective is to provide cost efficient solutions which put the development on a sound financial path.

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